Monday, March 24, 2008

New logo!

I've been playing with the idea of a new logo for awhile, and finally decided to stop THINKING about it and just DO it! I am definitely my own worst critic, and spend sooooo much time waffling over my own designs. It took forever to get this blog going to begin with because I just wasn't sure I was in love with the brown and pink "linzmarie" design, and was afraid to commit to it! But, I did it, and am glad I got this going. However, now I'm ready for a change! I've been in love with damask and brocade-like patterns for awhile, and have seen a ton of great wedding invitations using that style (The Heather Invitation was definitely influenced by that...) So to keep up with the latest and greatest, I decided to let that be my guide and incorporated it into my new look. I also changed one of the fonts that I've been using, and have gone back to using capital letters :) I love the way things look when all lowercase, but it's hard to be consistent with that! So, anyway, this whole thing is still under construction, so don't be surprised if it changes again in a few weeks :) But for now, I'm totally happy with the new look of linzmarie designs, and hope you are, too!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

lisa & jim's invitations

here's the latest wedding invitation that was delivered to the bride and groom on thursday! lisa and jim were referred to me by the infamous eileen of the eileen invitation :) lisa knew what she wanted her invitations to look like so it was a great experience working with her. she and her fiancĂ©e chose the kelli invitation, but made it their own by adding personal touches like the quote at the top of the invitation – "this day i marry my best friend, the one i laugh with, live for, love." best wishes to you, lisa and jim!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

matron of honor!

last weekend i flew to los angeles for my best friend heather's bridal shower. she asked me to be in her wedding several months ago, but over the weekend she asked if i would not only be in her wedding, but be her matron of honor! i am so excited to have such an important role in her wedding, and can't wait to be the one who gets to fluff her gown :) she is such a dear friend of mine, and it really is such an honor to be part of her special day. you wouldn't believe the time and effort she is spending on the little details of her wedding-- it's those things that i've always felt make a HUGE difference at a wedding and what really make it memorable! i can't wait until may 3rd, and will post pictures right away! for now, here's a picture of my bridesmaid dress from david's bridal and shoes from nordstrom. my dress is being altered right now and i get to pick it up on friday! yay for weddings!