Thursday, April 24, 2008

Postcard for Avenue Five Jewelry

Here's a fun postcard I designed for an upcoming trunk show at Avenue Five Jewelry. I love working on invites for the women at Avenue Five because they love using their logo in fun ways. This time it can be found in the center of the flower! Stay tuned for more fun stuff :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rachel & Ben's Invitations

Last week, I delivered printed invitations to my high-school friend Rachel. I met with her and Ben, her fiancé, a few months ago and they explained they wanted a simple, but classy invitation. They really liked the pocketfold aspect of the Kathleen invitation, and it ended up working out perfectly for their invites! Rachel is Jewish and Ben is Korean, so we added some Hebrew and Korean to personalize the invitation even more. I just think it looks so cool and really adds to the invitation. These were printed on a natural colored feltweave paper (which is similar to watercolor paper in a way).

Ginni & Ryan's Save the Date

Ginni and Ryan received their Save the Date postcards yesterday! This is another wonderful couple who found me through Eileen (yes, of the Eileen invitation! That girl is awesome with the referrals). We started out designing their invitations, and from there took some elements for their Save the Date. I'm really happy with the outcome and think it's safe to say they are, too!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rockstar Headshots!

A few weeks ago, I got to tool around the Pearl with two of my favorite people, Maggie and Josh from Honeysuckle Photography. They photographed my and John's wedding, and did the most amazing job. So when Josh emailed me and said "We need to get you some rockstar headshots!" I thought it would be such an awesome opportunity because these guys are SO good! They met at my work and we just walked around while they snapped some photos of me that I could use for my blog. I felt a little awkward having my picture taken by myself, so most of the shots I'm laughing or smiling right before I burst into giggles... Why am I so weird?! Anyway, somehow they managed to get some good shots out of me, so here are some of my favorites (and a special pic dedicated to my husband!) Thanks to Maggie and Josh for being so wonderful!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lindsay & Alex's Save the Date

Another fun Save the Date postcard was printed and delivered today! Lindsay and Alex are a cute and fun couple who came to me with a TON of great ideas. Lindsay and I used to work together, and a few months ago she told me that her architect-fiancé Alex had several ideas, but no tools or time to implement them, so they'd love my help. When the three of us got together for the first time, it was simply awesome! We bounced around tons of ideas and got the ball rolling right away. Soon after, Lindsay and Alex and had come up with the idea of a graphic using the Y from Alex (and soon, Lindsay's!) last name, as well as branches which will be used at their wedding reception. The invitation will include the complete graphic, but their Save the Date shows a nice preview of what's to come!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Paula & Jayson's Invitations

Paula and Jayson are a very sweet couple who were referred to me through a friend of a friend of a friend. Don't you just love how that works out?! :) They chose the Eileen invitation and had the diagonal folders embossed with their wedding date. I did these by hand using my awesome and new favorite toy from Paper Source! Yeah, sure, my hand is a little sore, but the minor pain is so worth it seeing how great the embossing came out. Here's a picture (not the best, but gets the idea across!) I'm happy to say I now offer custom embossing on invitations! Yay!!