Wednesday, October 31, 2007

introducing my line of invitations!

after working with so many amazing brides this summer, i have named my invitations after them! download the pdf to view my line of invitations (and check out the few below). this is just a small sampling of what i'm capable of, so if you see something you love or want to see more, please contact me!, or 971.645.9155.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


welcome to my blog! i've wanted to do this for awhile, and luckily today i was inspired to just do it! i wanted to wait until i had designed my new identity (which is done for the most part), or a website up and running (which is still slowing coming together), or this and that... too many excuses i guess. instead of thinking about it too much, how about i just start writing? so, here i am! thanks to kathy from heaven's eye photography for suggesting i do this :) i was introduced to her through my friend deidra, and had the pleasure of meeting her and her ADORABLE son today for coffee. kathy took a few amazing photos of deidra's newborn son last month that i used in his baby announcement (see below), and after seeing her work online i knew i needed to meet her in person! i love getting to know other artists and hearing why they do the things they do... kathy definitely has a passion and amazing talent for photography, and our coffee date left me totally inspired. it just got me thinking about what i do, and how excited i am for all that is ahead... both at my day job (packaging design) and with my freelance work (wedding invites and baby announcements!) i love what i do, and am really blessed to have the opportunity to do it. i'm also so lucky to have the support from my loved ones! john, my amazing husband of 1 year, 3 months and 1 day, was so wonderful this summer as i began my wedding invitation business. he was so patient on the evenings and weekends that i locked myself in my office to get work done, and always offered the oh-so-important back rub after i had been sitting hunched over my desk for too many hours! the best was coming home one day from work and seeing half of the mcdaniel/nahas wedding programs assembled! we're talking 350 fan programs, 5 steps to assemble each one... LOTS of time to even just do half. i wanted to cry, it was just the sweetest thing. and he did such a great job, too, so that made it even better! he's now my official assistant :) so, stay tuned for more entries, samples of my work, and just random blabbing about life and how great it is! xoxo linz marie