Friday, May 30, 2008

Oops, I did it again...

I was totally just listening to Britney so I apologize to the headline :) But... I really did do it again. Remember a couple months (or weeks?!?!) ago, I said I have ADD when it comes to my logo? How I always want to update and change it? Well... I kinda sorta want to do it again. But not a drastic change, just something a little more interesting. The other day, my co-worker Holly and I were talking about cool colors, and I mentioned that I've always loved blue/greens, similar to the Pool used in Beth & Ken's invitations. I said, "I should've used that in my logo..." Well, it got me thinking. Why don't I try it? So I switched out the black damask for a softer pool-color, and I was pleased, but not totally satisfied. I decided to push the logo off to the side and let it "wrap" around to the other size of the business card. The open space on the front side (to the right of the logo) makes me uncomfortable, and for that reason I like it! So now I have to ask all you readers out there-- which do you prefer? The old or the new? I appreciate your feedback, so be honest!

Avenue Five's Summer Brunch

Here's an invite I designed for Avenue Five's summer event next month. I got to use my new favorite font called Fling (used in the "Celebrate the first day...")! I think it's be perfect for a baby or bridal shower invitation, but I totally think it would work for a wedding, too. Sure it's a less formal, but if you pair it with romantic swirls or a nice damask or brocade pattern, it would look so great!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Missy & Patrick's Save the Date

Talk about a hot couple! Missy and Patrick are a sweet pair I met through one of my good friends. They took a bunch of great photos for their engagement session and sent me several to choose from. This one struck me right away and I totally fell in love with it! The passion and love between them is so apparent, and I just think it's so damn sexy!! Missy is a photographer and did all the great photoshop work, and then passed it over to me. I applied a simple design so the awesome photo stood out. Enjoy!

Beth & Ken's Invitations

I had the privilege working with another wonderful couple referred by my friend Stacey from high school. Beth and Ken are holding their wedding at the beach along the Oregon Coast, and wanted to reflect their venue in the invitation. Right away I knew they had to use the Pool colored paper from Paper Source. It's my favorite shade (and the color John and I almost chose for our wedding!), and I knew would look so great. I showed them a few different concepts using sea shells and other beach-related items, but their favorite was the coral reef (ok, it was my fave, too). They chose the style of the Kelli Invitation, and had a few inserts that tucked under the ribbon on the inside left panel. Contact me if you want to see more samples! Thanks to Beth & Ken for being so wonderful to work with :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sweetest thing ever

I stumbled upon a photographer's blog today who posted a story and pictures from an engagement photo shoot... But not your ordinary engagement session-- the guy actually proposed during the shoot! I don't even know these people, but it seriously brought tears to my eyes. It's so amazing being able to see how much two people love each other, and have it all caught on camera. I just had to share the link because I can't stop watching the slideshow of the proposal. I hope this brightens your day like it did mine!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding!

John and I got back from California this morning after celebrating the wedding of our friends Heather & Nate! The whole week was packed of fun activities and the wedding itself was just beautiful. The ceremony was a traditional Catholic ceremony at the church Heather's parents were married at in Pasadena, and the presider was Nate's godfather. The reception took place at Castle Green, one of the coolest places I've ever seen. Not only were the venues amazing, but the bridal party looked pretty damn good, too!! Heather chose a different color for each bridesmaid, something she has always wanted to do (I remember talking about this in college before she had even met Nate!) I will post a picture of the group when we get the professional pictures back, but you might be able to get the idea from the picture below of the party at the reception. It just looked amazing and I'm so glad it all came together so perfect for my good friend. Wedding season has officially begun!!

Me and John (what a good looking groomsman!!)

Nate & Heather's first dance (check out her amazing dress!)

Me and the bride!

The head table